Expertise in micro and nanostructuring of surfaces

Through long and intensive research and development in the field of surface structuring, nanoshape GmbH positions itself as a provider of such solutions. In addition to nanostructuring, we also offer standard surface processes such as etching or anodizing. In addition, we also have the possibility to carry out surface analyses, material analyses or biological analyses. Let us find a solution for your individual use case.

Our Services


Expand your technological edge and test our nanostructuring on your products. We would be happy to check the feasibility on your product, offer sample processing, process developing as well asfeasibility studies.


Besides nanostrucutring we also offer various standard surface treaments like sand-blasting, anodisation of titanium, wet chemical etching, passivation, cleaning techniques and others. We are happy to provide you with your individual surface treatment and can develope the right surface treatment for your product.

Biological analysis

We can provide biological analysis according to ISO or ASTM standards within our biological laboratory. Get in contact to learn more about the possiblites to test your product on bacterial contamination.

Scientific services

Coming from university working with cutting edge technology for many years we offer various clean room services such as UV-Lithography, Rotational lithography on titanium or other materials, wet and dry etching techniques as well as analytal methods such as Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Contact Angle measurements and various others.

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