The nanoshape technology

Our newly developed, patent-pending process creates tiny nanostructures on metallic surfaces through a hydrothermal oxidation process. The nanostructures are similar to those you can already find on dragon fly or cicada wings, which are known for their antibacterial effects.

How does it work?

The nanoshape technology on the one hand reduces the adhesion forces of bacteria to the surface compared to conventional surfaces (anti-adhesive effects) and, on the other hand, it causes some bacterial species to even die when they come into contact with the surface (contact killing effect).

Why nanoshape?

passive effect

The bacteria repellent effects are caused solely by the special nanostructure on the surface, no use of antibiotics or other substances that may deplete over time is necessary.

mechanically stable

Not only for medical applications the mechanical stability of a surface is crucial. Other technologies reach their limits in this respect but our technology can withstand a certain degree stress..

no additional materials

In our process, the surface of your material is modified to create oxidic nanostructures. The raw material is retained. The surface is not traditionally coated with other materials yet modified on a nano scale.

cost-effective & scalable

Similar to an etching process, large numbers of parts can be structured at once. The structuring can be realized on arbitrarily shaped parts. This sets us apart from expensive methods for nanostructuring.